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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us.

Who is DumpsterMigos?

We are a Full Service Junk Removal company. Fully Licensed, bonded and insured. We take any items you no longer need such as furniture, construction debris, old sofas, mattresses and Much more!

What can we haul away?

We can haul anything that 2 of our crew members can lift safely, that is non-hazardous.

Construction Materials: Debris & Tiling

Garden Refuse: Branches, trees and clippings

Furniture: Couches & sofas, sofa beds and mattresses

Shed, Garage & Attic: Boxes, books, old tools, tires and general junk

Wood: Fencing, firewood, and old timber

Concrete: Broken pathways, foundations, or flooring dirt

Soil & Sod: Yard waste & landscaping refuse

Roofing Items: Tiles, flashing & general scrap

Renovation Refuse: Walls, windows, drywall, floorboards, plasterboard & frames and MORE!.

Why can't you give me an exact price before you arrive?

Pricing is based on Volume and nature of the materials. We cant give you an exact quote until we can see your junk in person. Once we book a Free Onsite quote the crew will arrive in the 2 hour window and give you exact price.

When should i book an appointment?

Contact us as soon as possible since slots fill up quickly. Once you call or check our website, well let you know the soonest availability.

Why are appointments booked in 2-hour time slots?

Our truck crew members will send you a notification 20-30 minutes before arrival within your 2 hour window. This allows them to deal with unforeseen circumstances, such as traffic or jobs that were larger than expected.